The Science of Savouring, Attention & Gratitude

To get the most out of positive experiences, we need to savour them, which means we have to pay attention.


Only then can we experience gratitude for positive memories.

The Science of Savouring


Savouring refers to the act of stepping outside of an experience to review and appreciate its positive impact. 


We can use strategies to train our happiness, to help us shape our actions and thoughts to be happier. Savouring is one of these methods.

Savouring has been shown to increase happiness. It is difficult nowadays to stay in the moment and really enjoy what we are experiencing.


But we shouldn’t miss out on these positive emotions that come with doing something we love. 


Savouring is a method that can help us derive happiness from positive events and intensify and lengthen these positive emotions.




Savouring isn’t about escaping from present problems but instead is a tool to gain perspective and self-insight, so actually to enhance the present.


Just by making you aware (and with the help of reminders), we make you realize that you experience a lot of amazing, happy moments every day.


Sometimes all it takes is paying more attention to the small things.

The Science of Attention


The cognitive process of attention allows us to focus our mind on information that we want to take in, without being distracted by everything else around us. In other words, it’s concentrating your mind on something or paying attention.


Since we cannot attend to everything and instead have to be selective, our attention plays an important role in managing our lives.


Research has shown that people differ in what we habitually pay attention to. In other words, I might not notice the same things as you because we don’t attend to the same things.


Moreover, there is an interplay between wellbeing and attention: attention affects wellbeing, but wellbeing also affects attention. 


The good news is that even if you are somewhat inclined to attend to negative things, you can train yourself to attend to more positive things. Studies attempting to reorient people to attend to more positive and/or less negative things have shown to have beneficial effects on wellbeing.


At hiMoment, we believe that we can help you pay attention to the happy moments in your life.

The Science of Gratitude


Gratitude is a positive emotional state in which we recognize and appreciate what we have in our life.


Gratitude is another approach that can make us happier and healthier. It’s a big picture approach of being grateful for what we have.


People with higher levels of wellbeing have shown to be those with higher levels of gratitude.



Research on grateful thinking on psychological wellbeing in daily life showed that people could maximize their happiness by regularly focusing and being consciously grateful for one’s blessings.


In order to foster your gratitude, at hiMoment we create Topics.


These Topics allow you to take a step back and notice all the beautiful hiMoments you have had in your life.