The Science of Journaling


A journal or diary is a daily record of events or activities, usually of a personal nature, that recreates experiences.


Journaling can help us reminiscence and promote greater life satisfaction. 



Writing styles vary greatly:

  • Descriptive writing is about what, when and who was part of the experience.
  • Expressive writing is about how you think, feel or what you noticed.
  • Analytical writing allows you to explain how something happened or why. 
  • Reflective writing combines expressive and analytical writing.

Gratitude journals

Gratitude journals prompt the writer to reflect and write down things they are grateful for, which can but don’t have to be tied to a specific event (e.g. “I am grateful for my family”).

Counting one’s blessings has shown to make people happier, but at hiMoment, we want to capture the details of each great moment to foster your gratitude.

Morning Pages

So-called “Morning Pages” is another form of diary writing which is becoming popular. Just after waking up, you should write three pages, long-hand, without thinking, analysing or stressing about what you write.

What matters is that you write, not what you write. Whatever is on your mind will spill out onto the pages, and there is no need to reread them. It’s writing for the sake of writing.

We at hiMoment believe there is great value in writing for the sake of writing, but we want to take it a step further: use your moments to boost your happiness.

One study explored whether documenting trivial everyday activities can be unexpectedly curiosity provoking and interesting in the future.


Participants underestimated the pleasure of rediscovering these ordinary experiences three months later.


People don’t see the value of documenting the present but then prefer rediscovering those moments in the future.


Technology has also changed journaling. Instead of hand-writing we can now document digitally and even take photos. 


hiMoment even takes it a step further than just collecting your moments.


The hiMoment journal is interactive and trains you using your own memories, and as a plus you never know which moment you will rediscover when.


hiMoment reinvented journaling to make it

    • easy
    • efficient
    • fun

and most importantly: help you focus on what matters to you most.