The Science of hiMoment


Science is at the core of hiMoment.


We have gathered all the relevant research and explain how hiMoment uses theses insights on our “Science of” pages:






Social Connection,


and Savouring, Attention & Gratitude.





Research has taught us so much about how we think, feel and behave, and what makes us happy. But it can still be hard to translate these insights from science to real life. 


hiMoment makes it easy

    • to explore what makes you happy,
    • to train your happiness,
    • and to live a happier life,

because it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Find out all the intriguing details in our App-roach.



Smartphone-based interventions


One study has explored whether positive psychological interventions delivered through apps can increase happiness. It was found that positive affect increased and participants enjoyed the mindfulness-based tasks within the app.


Smartphone-based interventions have huge potential.


It’s a dynamic, easily deliverable way to help people find happiness in the real world, that’s why we are making hiMoment!


Our Research


We have received funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency to develop the app and conduct research.


Our goal is to find out what makes people happy. There is still much to learn about happiness and many different avenues to go with our research. For now, we are focusing on the effect of autobiographical memory and decision making on happiness.


Stay tuned for our research findings, which will be shared here soon!

University Well-being Program


hiMoment is offering the app and all premium features for free to universities which care about the wellbeing of their students and staff.

Research Collaborations


Science drives hiMoment, and it is important for us to collaborate with external researchers to validate our approaches. If you are interested in happiness, attention, decision-making, memory and anything related, and would like to work with us, reach out to Clarisse at

More to come…


This is only the beginning, and we have many more improvements and new additions to the app to come. We appreciate and look forward to your help and feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at