At hiMoment we want to learn with you what makes people happy and how to boost it

Research has shown…

We learn from the science in psychology and cognitive neuroscience that has already provided so many insights on happiness and is constantly evolving our understanding.

Our research

We conduct research to test what works best for you and for everyone and to learn about happiness. Because we want to help people be happier. Stay tuned for our research findings, which will be shared here soon!

Are you a scientist?

Science drives hiMoment, and it is important for us to collaborate with external researchers to validate our approaches. If you are interested in happiness, attention, decision-making, memory and anything related, and would like to work with us, reach out to Clarisse at science@himoment.com.

More to come…

This is only the beginning, and we have many more improvements and new additions to the app to come. We appreciate and look forward to your help and feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at feedback@himoment.com.

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