Our App-roach

hiMoment uses technology differently.

We believe that technology makes a great servant, but a bad master. Thus, we want to avoid creating technology that creates dependencies or addictions but use tech to aid our real-world experience.


We help our users to explore what makes them happy, capture their happy moments and train them to remember and appreciate these moments.


The aim of the app is to cultivate what makes you happy.

Guided Journaling

We use three exercises to help you train your happiness, namely Capture, Boost and Happiness tracking.


1 – Start the day in the best way possible, with a digital walk down memory lane in our Boost exercise. This way you have a happy start to your day. (But Boost is always available to you, in case you want it)


2 – In the evening, we suggest to reflect: What was the best moment of your day? Add this moment as text or image and add a Topic.


3 – The third exercise is about tracking your happiness, simply ask yourself: How was your day? 


We help you to build this daily habit by sending you reminders. In a simple and sleek Calendar view, you can keep track of your happiness training.


We believe that with these three simple exercises, you can train your happiness muscle in only a couple of minutes per day.


A hiMoment is basically a moment that made you happy. 


In the app, you can write a text description, use tags and even upload a photo to capture this happy moment. 


When adding a hiMoment, take the time to write down the details, because it will help you remember those moments better later.


Taking the time to find the words to describe the moment, what happened, who it involved, where you were but also how it made you feel, is the best way to savour the moment fully.



Photos are especially useful to capture hiMoments because they contain so much information. For example, a photo of you with your friends enjoying a nice dinner will capture who was there, but also a restaurant, the food on the table, and the atmosphere in general.


Every day there are plenty of hiMoments, you just need to be aware and pay attention to them. 


Collecting them in our app, just for you, is the first step in training happiness every day.


We developed a novel method we call “Boost” that allows you to train your happiness using your own happy memories.


You will see two of your hiMoments, and need to drag the one that made you happier to the center. 


When you decide which hiMoment made you happier, there is no right and wrong answer. After all, this is about your happiness. 


Our algorithm cleverly creates these moment pairs based on your preferences and over time learns what moments to present to you, because we believe that your walk down memory lane needs to be tailored to you.

While in Boost, really try to remember these two hiMoments, really imagine how you felt and re-experience the happiness. 


Do it for one moment and then the other, and then compare the two. Check how happy each hiMoment made you then and now reliving it. 


Sometimes you might have not seen a moment for a while and it takes some effort to think back, other times seeing the moment will trigger your re-experience instantly. 


At hiMoment we want to learn with you which hiMoments make you happier, and are constantly developing the algorithm underlying Boost.


All your hiMoments are categorized into Lists that are sorted based on your choices in Boost, to show your most important hiMoments first.

We automatically create time-based Lists so that you can see your hiMoments by months or years.

We also want you to have the freedom to create Topics of things that matter to you the most, so when you add a hiMoment, you can also create a Topic, such as “fitness”, “partner”, “family” or “work”. Using a Topic will group these hiMoments together.


When the hiMoment you are adding involved someone else, you can also share this hiMoment with that person. It’s not about sharing it with everyone and it’s not about showing off. Instead, it’s about letting that person know that you are grateful for having shared this hiMoment and making sure it becomes a long-lasting memory for both of you. Any person you tag in a hiMoment will automatically create a folder with his/her name in the Friends section of Topics.

You will also see what Topics are currently popular for you, which our clever algorithm measures looking at the hiMoments you add and how happy they make you in Boost.


Whenever you need a reminder that there is so much to be grateful for in your life, browse through your Topics. 


Categorizing your hiMoments by using Topics has another reason: it creates another type of Boost that lets you focus on these Topics. For example, if you tag your hiMoments when you felt confident with “confidence”, this will let you do a Boost that is just focused on confidence. Sometimes, a little extra confidence Boost might be useful, for example before an important presentation or a big exam.

Happiness tracker

We believe it’s important to take time to reflect on your happiness. Only you can check in with yourself and evaluate how your day has been. 


To keep track of it, we build in a happiness tracker. All you need to do is ask yourself: How was your day? And pick one of 5 smiley faces. You can check out your chart over time.


Ultimately we want to provide you with a tailored, personalised experience and support you in your personal journey to more happiness. We maintain your privacy, the details of your moments are safe with us. 

Your happiness rating can be combined just with the topic of the moment of a specific day so that hiMoment can learn about what matters to you most and how to help you discover the things that truly make you happy. 


For example, you might have a week when you add a lot of ”friends” hiMoment and track high happiness, while the following week you had less time for friends and ”work” hiMoments took over but didn’t make you as happy. 


We believe happiness can be found in every life area and constantly varies, not just between people, but also within ourselves. The app is here to identify what makes you happier and help you prioritize to live a happier life.