Journaling for Relaxation

Stress is part of modern life and it can negatively impact our health, but it doesn’t have to.

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Relaxation can be one of the healthiest things to incorporate into your everyday life. Chronic stress is linked to various health problems, like heart disease and high blood pressure.

Journaling for relaxation helps you de-stress and improve your health.




Relaxation improves your concentration, mood and sleep quality, slows your heart rate, reduces muscle tension and chronic pain and boosts your confidence.


To relax your mind, you need to first relax your body. Try sitting in a yoga pose, stretching or drinking some water. When you feel stressed or your body is tense, simply take a few minutes to consciously relax.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes, in order to be there for others, you need to put yourself first. When we are living mindfully, we are aware of where we are, how we are feeling and what we are doing.

Mindfulness is a simple method to treat yourself. Whatever you do, be present and soak it all in. Instead of rushing around, try slowing down so you can enjoy what you are doing. Take a moment to treat yourself.

Lavender doesn’t just smell good, it has a reputation for being relaxing too. Research has actually found that lavender oil can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature.
Participants inhaling lavender oil didn’t just feel more relaxed, they also reported feeling more active and fresh. So treat yourself to some lavender, whether a nice hot bath with lavender oils, or a lavender scented candle and relax. (1)


Breathing consciously makes you feel relaxed. In mindful breathing all you need to do is focus on inhaling and exhaling.
Or you can try out breathing deeply into your belly, known as abdominal breathing. Best of all, conscious breathing can be practiced when needed, any time and any place.
Your breathing connects your body and your mind. Practicing it consciously and regularly will help you tune in with yourself and relax.




Self-examining your mind and body is a valuable way to get to know yourself better. The external world constantly demands our attention.
It’s important to give yourself the time and space to check in with yourself. It can be as simple as closing your eyes for a few moments. This can already make you feel refreshed, or use introspection to find out what your body and mind need.



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