Journaling for Confidence

What is confidence? The mindset of believing in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.
More importantly, it’s a state of mind you can train yourself in.

Journaling with hiMoment can help you feel confident.



It’s normal to feel uncertainty or experience a lack of confidence. But luckily, we are in charge of our feelings.  The benefits of journaling with hiMoment include an increased level of confidence.

Learn how to cultivate it by focusing on your successes.




Believing in yourself is an important component of self-confidence. Self-doubt often creeps in when we find ourselves out of our comfort zone.
Often the things we fear most, end up being the most rewarding experiences. Confronting our fears and challenging our own limiting beliefs allows us to go beyond what we thought was possible.


Next time you’re feeling anxious, open your hiMoment journaling app and flow through your hiMoments.

Body Language

Holding eye contact in a conversation or having a firm handshake are examples of how we communicate with our bodies. Body language is not just a way to communicate with others, but also with yourself.

We can affect our state of mind through posture. Our body signals that standing up straight with our head held high feels better than slouching and staring at the floor.

By changing our posture we are building a positive mindset. 

A controversial, yet fascinating topic in psychology research is power posing. Power posing refers to standing in postures of confidence (e.g. stand with your feet apart, your hands on your hips, and your chin tilted upward). But does posing like Superman really boost our confidence? Recent evidence suggests that our body language does shape who we are.


More specifically, power posing affects our emotional and affective states, which means we can influence our mood, attitudes and how we feel about ourselves by using our body. (1)




Sometimes all we need is a friend to reassure us. Surround yourself with people that believe in you, who encourage you to reach your goals.
Keep in mind though, that you can also work on your confidence by using social interactions. Say ‘hello’ to a stranger or sign up for public speaking. 


Step outside of your comfort zone with our hiMoment track that focuses on journaling for confidence.


(1) Cuddy, A. J. C., Schultz, S. J. & Fosse, N. E. (2017) P-Curving a More Comprehensive Body of Research on Postural Feedback Reveals Clear Evidential Value for Power-Posing Effects: Reply to Simmons and Simonsohn. Psychological Science, 29, 4, 656-666.