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Why small moments matter for your happiness

August 24, 2018

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Big life moments do not make us happier

Weddings, career breakthroughs, gold medals, lottery wins, births: Our culture seems to have an obsession with chasing these “big moments”. But how much is the impact of these moments on our long-term well-being? Do big moments really help us become happier?

Scientific research came to a surprising conclusion: Our obsession is unjustified, and – in some cases – counterproductive.

The effects of marriage on our happiness are – if at all – only short lived. Career breakthroughs lose their appeal once the increased responsibility (and work hours) become reality. Olympic gold medalists have reported a feeling of emptiness and loss days after standing on the pedestal. Lottery winners’ happiness has declined one year after the lucky event, quickly approaching regular happiness levels. Finally, the birth of your first child is an event marked by such drastic change that it actually causes your happiness and relationship satisfaction to initially suffer.

We don’t know what’s good for us. And the pursuit of big moments leaves us empty even when we finally reach them.

There is a pattern behind these disappointments, which science calls “impact bias”: We tend to greatly overestimate the impact of future events on our happiness.

Celebrate small moments for lasting happiness

We are inclined to think that, since big moments don’t make us happier, “small moments” will hardly do the job. But ever so often when it comes to the science of happiness, our intuition is wrong. In fact, appreciating small everyday life moments is one of the most effective tool to improve happiness.

“Savouring” – the scientific term for this technique of stepping out of an experience to review and appreciate it – is a simple habit that we can learn, and it’s the basis of hiMoment. In fact, the world hiMoment really means to greet the moment “hi there, moment, thanks for showing up!”.

Based on our experience, Savouring takes about a week to become a habit in your life. It might be difficult at first, but capturing anything that made your day in hiMoment really helps you increase your awareness for the small moments of your life.

Small moments. Big happiness. We really recommend you to give hiMoment a try and see for yourself

Still here? Perhaps you are interested in why it’s small and not big moments that can improve our well-being. You’ll find the answer (and some more information) in the video below.