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The power of gratitude

August 1, 2018

Gratitude is a positive emotional state in which we recognize and appreciate what we have in our life (Emmons, 2008).

Gratitude is another approach that can make us happier and healthier. It’s a big picture approach of being grateful for what we have. People with higher levels of wellbeing have shown to be those with higher levels of gratitude (Wood, Froh & Geraghty, 2010). Emmons & McCullough (2003) studied the influence of grateful thinking on psychological wellbeing in daily life, and found that people could maximize their happiness by regularly focusing and being consciously grateful for one’s blessings.

In order to foster your gratitude, at hiMoment we create Collections. These Collections allow you to take a step back and notice all the beautiful hiMoments you have had in your life.

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