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How to use topics

August 24, 2018

Once you added the same topic to at least three of your hiMoments, you create a topic list. A list can carry up to ten of your most precious hiMoments on a given topic, sorted by their importance to you. As your lists grow, they really become your life in your pocket.

Since you are free to write anything you want in Topics, you can use it in many different ways.

#1 Categorize your hiMoments

Create lists of your favorite activities, your family time, or your last holiday. You can even create lists for each of your very close friends or your partner – but we recommend you to use our intimate sharing feature for this instead, as it also allows the other person to contribute to the list.

Create lists for your family, friends, sports, job, nature, Iceland2018 moments

#2 Cultivate any mindset

Like happiness, any mindset can be trained with hiMoment by simply putting our attention to it. Take it from Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do.”
So similar to writing down what made you happy, capture anything that happened related to the desired mindset. Like with happiness, the initial task is to capture even the smallest moments. Soon, can learn new attitudes just as quickly as you learned to focus on the good things in life.

#relationship: focus on the small good moments in your relationship to be more forgiving and grateful when you fight.
#confidence: capture everything that makes you good about yourself to start believing in yourself
#selflove: capture what you love about yourself to deal with body image issues

#3 Train skills through repetition

Our brain needs repetition to learn new things. hiMoment allows you to track your learning experience and can serve as a notebook for new ideas. hiMoment will help you build a habit. Six months from now, you’ll look back at your topic list and marvel at your progress.

Want to become a better photographer? Start your #photography collection.
Wanna become a better writer? Write a small #poetry moment every day.
Wanna learn drawing? Capture one of your drawing every day.

#4 Stay motivated by celebrating small achievements

The most effective thing you can do to stay motivated with your workout, career, or studies is to celebrate each small success along the way and make sure you revisit them frequently.
Sooner or later, our learning progress starts to stagnate and we see fewer successes. This is when motivation usually fades. By putting our attention on small victories, we can break this pattern. And being reminded of what we have achieved before gives us a motivation boost.

Focus on your job, workout, study, or running motivation