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How To Let Go Of Sadness – 10 Practical Tips

May 26, 2018

Sadness is a natural part of our life. No one likes to be sad, however, even sadness can have some benefits such as improving our memory and motivation.

Sadness is bad when it becomes a chronic feeling that can isolate you from the world around you.

In order to fight it off, you’ll need a strong motivation and decision on working to release it.

In this post, we’ve included some strategies that are scientifically proven to help you let go of sadness.

How To Let Go Of Sadness

Accept Your Feelings and Work On Releasing Them

Don’t bottle up your feelings of sadness.

The first step to making a progress is acknowledging them.

You’re probably sad for a reason, and being sad is an inevitable part of life.

Be mindful of this feeling and embrace it.

Being sad means being alive.

Release your emotions. This is much better than holding them inside. If you feel like crying then cry. Some studies have shown that crying is associated with the release of chemicals that raise cortisol.

Once you’re fully aware of your feelings of sadness you can start laying out a plan which can help you get out of it.

Find The Cause of Your Sadness

There are many sources of sadness. And some are a normal part of our lives.

Losing a job, the end of a relationship, a death of a close person, moving to a new town. In these situations feeling sad can last a long time, and sometimes even a reminder of some of these might put us into a state of sorrow.

Again, sadness is a normal part of our human life.

Sadness can be bad if it becomes a chronic feeling.

In that case, it’s good to remember – you can choose your attitude in every given set of circumstances!

For example, if you lost your job, you can start improving your skills and look for a new one. If you ever thought of changing careers, this occasion is the perfect time for that.

Look for a silver lining.

Write a Journal

how to let go of sadness

Journaling is one of the best habits you can introduce into your everyday routine.

Set aside 15 minutes a day and just write. You can describe your day, situations, feelings, things that made you upset and your reactions to them.

Writing a journal is a great exercise for many reasons.

It allows you to release emotions, it brings more clarity to your situation, and it can also give you an insight into emotional patterns that keep repeating quite often.

Journaling can help you recognize negative thoughts that you have about yourself or a certain situation.

You’ll be able to confront these thoughts once you become completely aware of them. And you can confront them with healthy coping skills and rationalizing.

After you introduce the habit of journaling, you’ll be able to spot negative thoughts about yourself or a certain situation.

Once you’re aware of them, you’ll be able to confront them with healthy coping skills and rationalization.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Did you notice any negative thoughts that constantly pop up in your head?

If yes, it’s time to challenge them.

Ask yourself if the specific thought is actually true. Are there any facts that support your claim?

Write down the irrational thought on a piece of paper and try to challenge it and replace it with more positive ones.

Doing this exercise will help you realize that some of your thoughts are maybe irrational.

Try to see the big picture and analyze the situation from a different angle. Practice positive affirmations.

This leads us to a next point.

Practice Self-Love & Compassion

how to let go of sadness

When people are sad, they usually stop taking care of themselves.

In moments like this, the best thing we should do is practice self-love and compassion.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments and things you like about yourself.

Start by writing 3 things you’re proud of every single day. This could be an act of goodwill, a completed task, doing errands etc.

Once you introduce this habit into your daily routine, your self-esteem will start to improve too.

hiMoment can help you practice self-love.

Instead of writing things that made you proud on a piece of paper, our app allows you to import these moments directly from your phone gallery. This is especially handy because your phone is always there with you.

hiMoment allows you to create collections that you can revisit at any time.

If you want to practice self-love and work on your self-development you may create a collection such as “Best of Work”, “Things I’m Proud Of” etc.

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Once you go through all of these moments, you will see that your present situation is just a temporary thing that doesn’t speak for your whole life.

Express Your Sadness

how to let go of sadness
When you feel sad try to express this emotion. Instead of just living with it, do something creative.

If you have any artistic hobbies you can draw, paint, or take photos.

Colouring books are not just for kids. They can occupy your mind and help you release your creative potential. Studies also show that they are great for diminishing the effects of stress.

Smile & Remind Yourself of Nice Moments

how to let go of sadnessIt is difficult to smile when we’re going through bad moments.

But it’s no wonder why the “Laughter is the best medicine” is one of the most famous quotes.

Laughing can really be therapeutic.

But you need to give an effort and make it happen.

Go see a stand-up comedy or a funny TV show on Netflix. Or see that friend who always makes you laugh.

Laughing can release endorphins, feel-good chemicals that can relieve pain. It also relaxes your whole body and improves your immune system.

hiMoment can help you reap all of these benefits through our collections feature.

Wouldn’t it be cool to relive some of your funniest and shiniest moments when you feel sad?

With our collections feature you can do just that.

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Spend Time With Close People

We all turn to close people when we feel sad.

Talk it out with someone and let it all go out.

Close people can help lift your mood and might even offer some good advice related to your situation.

But best of all, close people will be glad to listen to you. And in difficult moments, this is what you need the most.

Ironically,  when we’re sad we tend to isolate ourselves from others and we should do the exact opposite.

Reach out to people who make you happy.

Occupy Yourself With Something

how to let go of sadness
One of the best ways to fight sadness is to occupy your mind with different things. Get a nice haircut, play a board game with friends, watch a movie, or read a book.

You could also invest in yourself. Sign up for a class and learn a new skill or a language. Travel. Work. Volunteer. Join social groups. There are countless of opportunities.

Do something that will help you leave your comfort zone and that will have a positive impact on your life.

When we’re sad we stop doing the things we love. We stop going out and doing things we usually do.

Turn the situation around!

When you’re sad you don’t imagine yourself doing something fun. And that’s exactly what you should do!

Practice Gratitude

Bad experiences and the lows of life can make us forget about all the good stuff that’s actually going on and of all good that happened to us.

Start practicing gratitude. Write down 3 good things that happened to you each day.

hiMoment is ideal for practicing gratitude. It allows you to add all the wonderful moments that happened to you. And best of all, it sorts them all in collections which you can revisit at a later time.

By practicing gratitude daily you’ll start to feel happier and you’ll focus on the good in your life.

hi Moment can help you on this journey. Get it via Google Play or Apple Store.