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How to find hiMoments?

August 24, 2018

I remember very much the first day I decided to capture hiMoments. I read about the power of savouring, the ability to step out of an experience to review and appreciate it, and how we can learn to cultivate this mindset by writing down what made today special. But on that day, I couldn’t think of anything. Not one moment seemed to be worth capturing.

If this is how you feel right now, don’t worry: In a matter of days, you should be able to find not one but many small moments that are worth a hiMoment. Until you reach this point, this guide may be helpful to you.

Focus on the small moments

“Think big” might be a good idea when it comes to your dreams. But with happiness, it’s no good advice. Your biggest problem at using hiMoment is likely that you are looking for big moments – weddings, career breakthroughs, accomplishments. I have already covered why these big moments fail to make us happier: We constantly overestimate the impact they have on our happiness. Happiness is a muscle you can train. You train a muscle through repetition, not with peak loads. Make sure you have that in mind when you approach your hiMoment exercises.

If you still have problems coming up with a something, Perhaps these writing prompts can help you.

Writing prompts: What happened today

Did you meet or talk to a friend of yours?
Did you pursue your hobby?
Did you like the way you looked in the mirror?
Have you successfully completed a task?
Have you complimented someone?
Did you receive a compliment from someone?
Did something good happen to someone you care about?
Was someone kind to you (even in a small way)?
Did something happen that you are proud of?
Did you see anything beautiful? This could be anything, from trees, sunshine, animals, to a smile by a stranger on the bus
Did an idea or thought excite you?
Were you able to deal with adversity in a constructive way?
Did you see something funny in real life or on the internet?
Did you learn something today?