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How do I capture a hiMoment?

August 24, 2018

With people more careful than ever about what they post on their social media accounts, hiMoment is a place where you can be honest with yourself and don’t have to worry about being judged. Capturing hiMoments is not only one of the most effective exercises to improve your happiness, it’s also a great opportunity to share a memory with yourself. Six months from now, you will be glad you followed these five tips on how you make your hiMoments memorable for the future you:

#1 Be specific

Your moments will be more memorable if you spend some extra time describing the details. One year from now, you will not remember this:

But you will most certainly remember this:

Try to include important details in your description to make sure the hiMoment will be as special to you in six months as it is today.

#2 Write how it made you feel, not just how it happened.

This tip has been scientifically shown to improve your mood. By writing about how a hiMoment made you feel, you reconnect with the emotion you had when you captured the hiMoment. So instead of this

share with yourself the joy you felt when it happened.

#3 An awesome day = several hiMoments

Resist the temptation to summarize entire days into one entry. It’s called a hiMoment, not a hiDay.

So when you have one of these amazing days where lots of good things happen, capture several rather than only one hiMoment.

#4 Be “zen” about your hashtags

When you add a topic to at least 3 hiMoments, we reward you with a list of that topic. Try to use the same word for the same topic consistently. This way, your topic lists will grow faster and you keep them as clean as your zen garden.

#5 Use pictures

It’s good to have the option to capture a hiMoment using only words. When you have no photo at hand from when you received a nice compliment from your boss, words do just fine.

But in many cases, a photo often says more than a thousand words.

A photo offers a visual stimulus to our brain that makes it easier to relive and enjoy a hiMoment.

If you forgot to take a photo, you may want to use a photo that captures a similar feeling or situation as an alternative.

We hope these tips help you create moments worth remembering, flowing, and sharing.