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10 Best TED Talks on Happiness You Need To Check Out

May 9, 2018

We all seek happiness. Now more than ever, happiness is one of the most interesting topics for scientists. In these TED talks they share some fascinating insights and tactics for increasing happiness.

Enjoy watching!

The Best TED Talks on Happiness

The Surprising Science of Happiness

In one of the best TED talks on happiness, Dan Gilbert points out common cognitive errors and mistakes that we repeat, and how that influences our levels of happiness.

Want To Be Happier? Stay In The Moment

Matt Killingsworth is a researcher who gathers data on happiness. His findings show us that people are happiest when they are lost in the moment, while the mind wandering sessions can make us less happy.

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown’s “The power of vulnerability” is one of the best TED talks on happiness. Brene studies human connection and the courage to be vulnerable. In this talk, she shares why vulnerability is absolutely essential.

The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel laureate and the founder of behavioral economics, explains how our “experiencing self” perceives happiness in a different way than our “remembering self”.

What Makes a Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness

Waldinger is the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which is one of the longest in the world. This study is 75 years old. In this talk, he shares three important lessons that researchers found during this study.

In Praise of Slowness

“In praise of slowness” is a fantastic TED talk on happiness that reminds us to stop and pay attention to our feelings instead of rushing through life and overloading ourselves.

Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

This Benedictine monk suggests that happiness is born from gratitude. This nice talk shares a lesson of slowing down and becoming more grateful.

Flow, the Secret to Happiness

“Flow is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.”

That’s how Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described this state of heightened focus.

Check out this great talk and find out how FLOW can make you happier.

The Hidden Power of Smiling

Ron Gutman reveals some fascinating and surprising insights on smiling. A smile has the power to change your state of mind.

Happiness And Its Surprises

Nancy Etcoff, a cognitive researcher, looks at the way we try to achieve and increase happiness, and the surprising effect this has on our bodies.

Taking Happiness Into Your Own Hands

These TED talks are amazing source of information but if you’d like to take happiness into your own hands, hiMoment can help you with that in 3 easy steps.

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