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7 Ways To Find Meaning In Life

June 16, 2018

How to find meaning in life is one of those questions that haunts most people.

However, there’s no need to associate this with some higher force of meaning or to put pressure on yourself. There are some practical ways to find meaning in life that are more grounded and guaranteed to help.

Check them out below!

Go The Unconventional Path

ways to find meaning in life

Start by reevaluating where you are in life right now.

If your choices are directly related to what society and people close to you force upon you then you most likely won’t feel happy.

Unfortunately, this starts from a very young age.

Parents influence the decisions of their children thinking that’s the best solution for them.

They will guide them in one direction, thinking that this direction will bring their children more security.

This is a very common pattern when it comes to choosing a university degree for example.

A lot of parents advocate the possibility of their children becoming a next high-paid lawyer or a doctor, but there is more to life than that.

The latest craze surrounding coding is another great example.

While the opportunities for free learning are endless (which is a great thing!), not everyone is meant to code.

Are you really willing to put the necessary sweat and tears into something you don’t even enjoy?

Focus on one thing that really sparks your interest because it is the only field you are likely to succeed in.

Why be bad or average in something when you can be great at something else.

Unfortunately, when people are faced to listen to the same old story again and again, whether it’s from family or media, they stop losing their self-awareness. Even worse, some choose to completely ignore their feelings and desires and do things in order to please others.

Remember, in the long run, the only person that will lose is you.

People find it easy to comment on other people’s lives, but in the end you will be the one who will suffer from the consequences of your actions.

You don’t have to live your life under any set of rules. You are free to choose. Whether that’s a certain degree, getting married, having a family etc.

These are all great things but maybe they are not great or right for you.

And that’s okay!

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is known as the psychological state in which the person feels at ease and in control of their environment.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this state is the lack of progress in life, whether that’s at work, in relationships, or with our health.

The truth is that comfort zone won’t really help you find excitement and meaning in life, and it’s good to dare yourself to leave it from time to time.

Take small steps and push past your fears.

Seek Joy

ways to find meaning in life - seek joy

What brings you joy and excitement in life?

Is it helping others? Being creative? Writing?

Doing something that brings you joy can give you a new direction and clear the path towards something meaningful.

If what truly makes you happy is helping others you can search for volunteering opportunities or change career.

If you love writing, join a writing club or set an active daily word count which will help you see your progress over time.

Doing things that bring you joy can make you feel more fulfilled.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Many people associate the meaning of life with doing something extreme like going on a Buddhist retreat, leaving everything behind and going to travel the world.

There is no need to go to the extremes.

Sometimes all it takes is to pause for a bit and think about the moments that already make us happy and fulfilled.

These moments may already bring a sense of purpose and meaning in your life but you may simply not be aware of them.

hiMoment can help you practice gratitude from the beginning.

You see, feeling grateful starts with small steps.

Our app allows you to add moments that made you happy each day. We recommend starting with 3 things per day. Over time, this exercise can strengthen your feelings of gratitude and make you more happy.

An in-app feature called Collections allows you to create folders with all of your happy moments.

For example you can track your fitness progress, life goals, happy moments spent with people you care about and more!

When you stop for a moment and think about what you have, you will realize that your life is already meaningful.

And this is why gratitude is so important!

If you want to feel more grateful in life, hiMoment can help you on this journey. You can get it on Apple Store and Google Play .

Invest In Relationships

Studies have shown that spending more time with people close to us and doing acts of goodwill such as volunteering can make us feel more satisfied with life.

People who have many daily social interactions report higher happiness levels.
Surround yourself with positive people and make an effort to spend time with them – especially the ones who are very important to you.

Find Your Flow

Flow is a psychological state in which we get so utterly focused on one activity that we completely lose the sense of time and even self!

Kids are great at experiencing flow.

Remember yourself as a kid. You probably spent hours doing something that you enjoyed, whether that’s playing soccer, painting, or playing an instrument. And your parents had to come and remind you that it’s a lunch time! ?

Unfortunately, as we’re getting older, finding Flow is more difficult.

That’s because many people are afraid living the life they desire. They don’t chase their dreams, they get involved in meaningless tasks and multitasking or they have a poor work-life balance.

Find your flow!

Stop Looking For a Meaning

This can seem counterintuitive but it’s very much related to what we’ve already covered – gratitude.

If you’re not really satisfied with how you’re living your life, stop obsessing with the meaning.

Do not focus on the grand scheme of things but the small moments that make you happy and satisfied in your everyday life.

Obsessing over a higher meaning can bring a lot of additional and unnecessary pressure.

Start small.

Fill your time with the activities that you enjoy doing and if you’ve not figured them out yet, then go out and find what makes you happy.

Sometimes the meaning already exists.