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15 Ways To Feel Happier This Week

June 11, 2018

Are you feeling a bit down lately?

Did you have a difficult week?

Worry not!

In this post, we have compiled a list of 15 ways to feel happier this week.

They are all scientifically proven to improve your mood and boost your happiness level.

We recommend you pick 1-3 and try to do them throughout the week.

If you know someone who is feeling a bit blue lately, share this post with them and help a person in need! 🙂

15 Ways To Feel Happier This Week

Stop Thinking In Extremes

Do you live your life by thinking in extremes? Is everything either good or bad? Right or wrong?

This way of thinking can seriously damage your self-esteem, relationships and your happiness.

People have the tendency to imagine the worst possible scenarios when in reality the things are never as bad as they seem at first.

We may call ourselves or other people strong or weak, smart or stupid but the thing is that life doesn’t really work that way.

It’s all about the balance.

So get out of the black and white mode of thinking.

Establish Work-Life Boundaries

15 ways to feel happier this week
Do you suffer from the workaholic syndrome?

Talking about work, checking emails and taking calls after your work hours are done are one of the main causes of the anticipatory stress which is related to work stress.

More than 67% of employees check their emails after work.

And while work can get demanding at times and the perfect balance is impossible to achieve at all times, there are a couple of steps you can take.

It’s okay to be available from time to time, but setting a clear boundary will fix the root of the problem.

Relax, get involved in your hobbies, exercise, spend time with family and friends after work.

Do things that will relax you and replenish your energy levels.

In the long run, this is something that will work positively on your productivity.

If you need more tips on how to avoid stress at work you can check our full guide here.

Catch Up With Family

If you don’t live in the same city as your parents, make sure to give them a call and check how they’re doing.

It shows them that you care, and it might put you at ease as well.

This is especially true if both, or one of them is going through a hard time. You’ll feel less worried by checking up on them regularly.

Get In The State Of Flow

15 ways to feel happier this week
Have you ever been so utterly focused on one activity that you lost the sense of time, perhaps even a sense of self?

Psychologists call this state Flow, and it boosts our happiness like nothing else.

In Flow, you achieve peak performance and are still relaxed and happy once your focus stops.

How do we achieve Flow?

It’s when a task has the perfect balance between high challenge level and high skill level.

You’re working on something that’s hard to do – but you have the skills to figure it out.

Check out this fantastic TED Talk by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi on the state of FLOW.

Give Someone a Nice Compliment

Giving someone a compliment can be another source of positivity. Make someone’s day by giving a genuine compliment.

Not only will you make this person happy, but you will also reap the amazing benefits of compliments. Giving compliments can also boost your self-esteem.

If you’re not sure who to compliment and what to say, check our post with great compliments to give for an instant happiness boost.

Go Hiking

15 ways to feel happier this week
John Muir once famously said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

Hiking has some fantastic benefits for our overall being and happiness.

A research done by the University of London showed that the time spent outdoors can increase our problem-solving skills over 50%.

Besides these cognitive benefits, hiking is also great for a weight loss, normalizing blood pressure levels, and it also reduces the danger of diabetes and heart diseases.

The University of Salzburg did a study on high-risk suicide patients and physical exercise through mountain hiking and they found that hiking can be an additional therapy for people who feel depressed and suicidal.

Join an outdoors group or schedule a day to be spent in nature.

Be Your Own Best Friend

In order to become your own best friend, you must start treating yourself with love and compassion.

We are our own worst critic. We have understanding for others but not for ourselves.

Imagine if your friend felt bad and you said something really harsh to them. The friendship would probably end. So why talk this way to yourself?

hiMoment can help you start treating yourself with more love.

The exercise is simple and all you have to do is write 3 things you are proud of every single day and import them into the app.

hiMoment allows you to create a number of different collections, and for this purpose, you can create a collection called “Things I Am Proud Of”.

This simple exercise helps rewire your brain to think more positive and hiMoment allows you to revisit these moments at any given moment.

You can get the app via Google Play and Apple Store.

Do Breathing Exercises

5 ways to be happy

Shallow breathing goes hand in hand with stress and it can cause many health complications.

Since many of us don’t even notice when we are holding our breath, try to be more aware of it during the day.

Deep breathing can help release endorphins which act like a natural painkiller.

Correct breathing can help increase the energy level as the oxygen flows more easily. It also relaxes the muscles.

Start with diaphragmatic breathing. Set aside 10 minutes a few times during the day, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Get a Massage

A massage can lower stress and anxiety levels, and it has been found that a regular massage therapy can also reduce blood pressure levels.

There are other numerous benefits – improved circulation, better posture, strengthened immune system and more.

For instance, hands and arms carry a lot of stress.

You can ask your partner to give you a hand massage or you can head to the wellness center and combine massage with swimming.

Your body and mind will thank you.

Be Assertive

Assertiveness is the healthiest communication style.

It has numerous benefits and some of the most notable ones are reduced stress, honest relationships, and increased self-confidence.

Be direct and provide reasons when communicating with others.

Ask questions. Assertiveness is also associated with our body language and posture.

Being assertive means making an appropriate eye contact, contrary to the piercing one.

Pay attention to your posture.

Slouching is very common with the passive communication style, so try to keep good posture and body positioning.

Catch Up With Friends

15 ways to feel happier this week
Reach out to someone important to you.

Call friends and schedule a meetup. Go for a walk or a cup of tea. Invite them to a dinner.

Is there someone you haven’t heard from in a while?

Call them on Skype or send them a message on Facebook.

Sometimes even a short talk with someone we care about can boost our mood. And the same goes for them!

The number of interactions people have in their daily lives can predict the outcome of their day and their overall happiness. More people you interact with, the happier you’ll feel.

Get Your Daily Dose of Funny Jokes Online

Laughter is the best medicine.

It can strengthen our immune system, diminish the effects of stress and boost our mood.

Laughter has the power to strengthen our relationships and get people together.

Sadly, it’s very common to hear someone say “I don’t remember the last time I had a good laugh”.

Try to bring humor into your conversations, or smile to someone, because smiling is contagious. No wonder why the TV sitcoms use laugh tracks.

And while we’re at TV sitcoms, call someone and watch a comedy show together.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

People can have a huge impact on your life.

If you’re surrounded by toxic people, they’ll most likely suck out all the happiness from you.

Try to think about how another person makes you feel.

Do they enrich your life, or are they negative and always full of critic towards you?

Getting rid of toxic people from your life might seem drastic and difficult at first but it’s a necessary step to transforming your life.

Choose your friends with care.

Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up, support your goals and love you for who you are.

Get Some Vitamin D

Many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

If you live in Northern latitudes, stay at home during the day or work at

night, you may be more prone to vitamin D deficiency.

This can result in a number of different problems.

Eat healthy foods or get a Vitamin D supplement. It might be wise to do a general micronutrient test and see if there’s anything else you might need to incorporate into your diet as well.

Micronutrient deficiencies can have an impact on your mood.


15 ways to feel happier this week
It’s a well-known fact that experiences make us happier than material possessions.

Travel can really push you out of your comfort zone which is really important for the overall self-growth.

It can also teach you some of the very important life skills.

Is your flight late, or are you waiting in line for that amazing meal? Travel will teach you to be more patient.

Travel is great for introverts too.

It’s just impossible not to be more open to other people when you travel.

It can work wonders for your social anxiety, it can improve your creativity and problem-solving skills, and most importantly it teaches you about you.