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With hundreds of bite-sized exercises, hiMoment guides you through popular self-help literature step-by-step. Rather than just learning about self-help, you get to instantly apply it to your everyday life.

Small steps for big changes

We designed hiMoment to fit self-help into your busy schedule. Small exercises that you can do at your own pace are challenging you to take action and become a better you one step at a time.


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All of our programs are created by experienced coaches and researchers.
Our approach has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

How it works

The best self-help books, summarized in actionable exercise tracks

Develop 7 habits

After researching how effective people live and work, author Stephen Covey concluded that they have seven habits in common. Our ‘7 Habits’ track is inspired by his bestselling book and will allow you to learn these habits by doing them.

Learn not to give a f*ck

Self-help author and entrepreneur Mark Manson shows us where and where not we to invest our time and efforts in his bestselling book about the Art of not giving a f*ck. Our ‘Not giving a f*ck’ track guides you to a zero f*cks attitude.

Magical tidying up

Self-help author Marie Kondo taught us everything we need to know about decluttering, rearranging, and organizing our homes. The goal of our ‘Tidying Up’ track is for you to achieve a balanced home and mind.

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